it’s all wet. things are dripping in august. this is a blessing.

there’s almost always a little fear anymore… what if and where, and what if is slowly turning into when. it takes work to let it go, though i usually do it.

i guess the bonus is that when i don’t do it, i’m aware of the detriment now, too. that’s motivating when i need it to be. working with myself is an ongoing thing, a journey to be present, and still a thing i have to remain conscious of. not yet evolved, sorry. cool with it though.

so, in the present, it is gray and rainy outside at the end of august in a place where normally a plague-worthy legion of grasshoppers parts the sea of dead grass as i walk through the yard. everywhere, indicators of the land’s needs show themselves to me and ask me to feed it and i pray that it’s enough. i accept the pace, i read the ground and the things that make their homes here to see what they will tell me and the process, it’s slow, it’s oh so slow. i only have time if i’m conscious of it.

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