Right now I’m examining the patterns of my moon cycle, dreams, and the creative inspiration derived from intimate, non-sexual relationships. this could change soon, but i generally fall back on the same basic themes. i am cerebral and i talk to anything alive, so my questions ask a lot about the body. i enjoy many different ways of connecting with people as well as a variety of ways of inducing bliss. i remain hopeful.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. the universe rocks-long story short, i thought about you the other day posting in the etsy fora. i remembered seeing you around and knew that i hadn’t in a while. then, whilst reading another blog, you were on the sidebar in a list of recent visitors. i didn’t even know you wrote. good stuff, i’ve linked you. peace.



  2. when I read you, especially about you being on the road, it makes me feel like I so know you. then you totally blow me away with something completely different but not surprizing to me. Can’t really express how much joy I get from learning you.


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