Sanguine Meander is a little offering from me to you. Writing is pretty much the only thing I’ve ever done consistently in my life, and I’ve been doing it since I could. I had grandiose visions about it as a teenager, editing the high school newspaper and all that. In college, I was going to be a journalist until i actually worked on the paper for a second. Then the internet and all sorts of other stuff happened. I became a blogger, a world traveler, then a farmer, and then a mother. Somewhere in there, more grandiose visions about writing came along – but they happened in ayahuasca ceremonies and sweat lodges, and for some reason, seem more legit because of that. I’m apparently waiting for a few more gray hairs before it really takes off but hey, guess what? In the meantime, I’m actually getting paid to write and edit stuff, and that’s pretty rad.

I’m well aware that I lie somewhere between an inspiration and a car crash in all this, so here it is – another person’s journey into the sweet little ins and outs of life, wonders all – a sanguine meander full of starts and stops, twists and curves, dead ends and endless roads.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. the universe rocks-long story short, i thought about you the other day posting in the etsy fora. i remembered seeing you around and knew that i hadn’t in a while. then, whilst reading another blog, you were on the sidebar in a list of recent visitors. i didn’t even know you wrote. good stuff, i’ve linked you. peace.



  2. when I read you, especially about you being on the road, it makes me feel like I so know you. then you totally blow me away with something completely different but not surprizing to me. Can’t really express how much joy I get from learning you.


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