Thank you for your patience while I regenerate this creative writing pit stop.

My professional job is as a copywriter and editor, predominantly blogging and content creation for ethical enterprises and nonprofits. I also recently returned to school as a student of sociology, communication studies, and philosophy, and thanks to my desire to overachieve in wordy pursuits such as these, I’ve written more papers in a year than many people write in a lifetime.

As such, I’ve also rediscovered my love of poetry and flash fiction. While yes, every word, every placement must count, there is so much freedom from content marketing, formal academic writing, citations, and formats, and it’s been a necessary endeavor in that way, as I am ever-compelled to write.

I’ve begun reading at open mics, workshopping my writing and submitting to literary magazines and will continue to revamp this website as a creative writing portfolio, a place to link published work, and somewhere to post musings that belong nowhere else.




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