i see life as being about choosing my own adventure.

if this is the case, then life is not about finding my path, it’s about choosing it. there are paths all over the place. i can take any one i want to. each one will lead me somewhere. eventually, they will all lead to somewhere, and then that somewhere will grow so big as to meld with the great nowhere/everywhere. with this awareness, the journey is always stimulating.

this is, as i said, how i see it. i feel pretty secure in seeing it this way – it doesn’t make me unwilling to discuss things, nor does it make every day a breeze, but it does relieve a lot of angst caused by lack of awareness (or lack of practice of awareness) by reminding me, constantly, that if my current present is not suiting me as it should, i can choose to change it, walk down a different path, and take notice of any poisonous plants or medicines along the way. there are no guarantees of avoiding pain in the process of life but with awareness i will find more than enough relief knowing that should i run into trouble, i am also provided with the tools to heal myself. i must say i believe i have found freedom.

this awareness of the journey is also confidence. the confidence fuels the strength required to accept change and then pursue and create it on purpose, with purpose, to further awareness. by process, it has become the most important part of walking a path. a destination, see, is guaranteed, leaving me to enjoy the stroll.

by enveloping change as an ultimate process of the universe, i am free to be it as well. i no longer have to wish for it, or dream of it. i have chosen to be it, and i can be nothing else, and it has freed me.

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