May we never hunger
and may we never thirst
may the shoes we walk in
occasionally be those of another
so that we may gain
compassion and understanding
and may we also enjoy
the unfettered joy of bare feet.

may we never mourn
without gaining strength
may we never cry
without grasping the catharsis
may our hearts never break
into too many pieces
without faith in the skilled labor
of a higher power.

may we consistently adore
the familiar and comfortable
the warm and intimate
the human and animate
may we ever explore new sensations
and add them to our repertoire.

may we make peace
love and music
may we bake cake and
may we eat it, too,
each bite a thanks for
sweetness and abundance.
may we pray, groan and sing
with the pleasures of life
may we hope, moan and dream
and may we do it
with much deep breathing
and sighing

may we play hide and seek
with freedom and win
may a long life not mean
a long list of rules
nor an air of apathy
but a glorious celebration
of our own individuality
and its place in the world,
may it be a relieving knowledge,
a book of poems and stories
read aloud by our beings.

may the bliss of our bodies
be ours to have
may our gratitude for this gift
be an understanding of
our human purpose
which we are thankful for –
a cycle of gratitude in which
the greater it gets
the greater our reverence
and the greater it gets
even still.

may we be creative,
alive and expressive,
may our lives be encouragement
may our expressions be
inspiring and inspired.

may we be blessed.
may we be thankful for this blessing.
may our humility in constant gratitude
be peaceful and gracious,
joyous and free.


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