Here I am now… a list:

Here I am now… a list:

single mom, middle-aged divorcee…
that kind of woman is dangerous.
she is never destined to be anyone’s wife.

shakti lives on in twenty-year-old memories.
they still long to breathe her in though
they would never bring her home.

her power crosses decades and oceans.
her vision reignites passion for those who believe.
when she is taken, she revisits them all.

remember who you are, shakti.
remember your life of service and devotion:
take only what you need.


to bloom.

to bloom requires
a moment of rewilding,
a spontaneous expulsion of
before divine will
goes back to reading
the code
for further instruction.
I like that particular plateau
I like to stay there
for a while
i want to stay there
for a while
before i take the plunge
and trust
because everything in me
is designed to
open and receive.