open air

I’m in a state of being right now
Seeing now and future
feeling deep healing
even as I once again
open this wound,
As I expose it to the sunlight
I learn to once again relish
these hours alone
Now that I’ve sunk back in
to the moonlight
And the silence
Now that I’ve breathed
more deeply
Exhaled more fully
No longer concerned
with being defined
or choosing an identity
if it limits me
on how I can love.
What privilege.
I am back home in the trees
At ease with the lack of distractions
that keep me outside of myself
It’s time to reacknowledge the mystery
The one inside of me
And let her just be who she is
without judgement or exclusivity.
Goddess bless us all.
God help us.
Under your giant circus tent skirt
we dance
inhaling your scent
your laughter tinkling in our ears –
It feels so different to everyone
Tho in the end it’s all the same umbrella
Of love and warmth and safety,
Of that trembling sense of security.
Just sing to me, mama.
I want your softness in my ear
and your hardness elsewhere.
I speak of none of this
These secrets of holiness and divinity.
They are gems placed on my altar,
A private display of sacred experience,
Crystal sparkling memories of joy.
No wish to have it picked apart
No care to figure it out
God and goddess have gifted me.
I am
drinking instead the beauty of this land
drinking in the pleasures of your hands
This fresh air and silence soothes me
when the noise becomes too much.
So many other things have lost